Manufacturing outstanding nursery mattresses your brand can be proud of

Family-run UK firm leading mattress innovation for more than 30 years

Guaranteed quality

Delight your customers

Lead the market

Helping you deliver a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is critical for your customers – and their children. So you need a supplier who you can always rely on to deliver outstanding nursery mattresses. Getting inspired mattresses you’re proud to sell doesn’t have to be tough. At Prestige Sleep we take care of this. With pioneering designs that have stand out safety and quality features, we deliver first-class bespoke white label mattresses tailored to your unique specification on time, every time.

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Unrivalled Matress industry expertise you can rely on to deliver quality

At Prestige Sleep we believe in working with your team collaboratively. You get full access to our research and development expertise, so you know your nursery mattresses are cutting edge in design and bespoke for your brand. We’re continually developing new techniques and materials to ensure you’re always one step ahead of emerging consumer trends.

Why baby industry market leaders choose Prestige Sleep mattresses

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Using The Highest quality substainable materials

Delivering Cutting edge
bespoke designs

Supplying the UK's baby industry market leaders

Revolutionising the baby industry with safe, ethical mattress design

Prestige Sleep is 100% committed to working ethically and sustainably. That’s why we’ve spent the last decade revolutionising the way we work at our facility in Kent. We know how important safety and sustainability is to your customers too. Our mattresses are completely chemical-free and created to your bespoke design from high quality, safe and sustainable materials.

All our products are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Chemical Free
  • Sustainable

How Prestige can bring your mattress vision to life

  • 1 Share Your Vision – We’re passionate about helping you bring your vision alive. That’s why you have full access to our technical team. With their wealth of experience and expert understanding of the latest textile innovations they will design and create a bespoke high quality mattress to your exacting specifications.
  • 2 Refine The Prototype - We’ll create your prototypes and work with your team to refine the product if required so you can be 100% confident you have a market-leading nursery mattress you know your customers are going to love your brand for.
  • 3 Launch Your Product – We’ll make sure you have everything you need to go to market – working with your marketing team to help them highlight the unique qualities and features of your mattress. And we’ll always provide realistic and reliable lead times to make planning your launch campaign easy.

Leading the way in textiles for five decades

Run by the Nijjar family and team, Prestige Sleep operates out of the family-owned factory in Rochester, Kent.

Prestige Sleep prides itself on delivering excellent customer service – building genuine positive relationships with our clients so we can fully understand and meet your needs. That’s what drives our business.

We listen hard and deliver quality every time.

We know what’s important to you and have continually adapted our business model to meet our clients’ needs, investing in research and development to advance products for our clients’ benefit.